The Orchard

La Arboleda is home to over two-hundred olive trees and dozens of English walnut trees. The climate is ideal for  long growing season with warm days and long cool foggy nights. Each of the trees has been hand selected to thrive in the Santa Rita Hills micro climate. 


Olive Trees

Our olive trees were planted to produce the highest quality of cured table olives. The following varietals have been planted and range from 2-12 years of age. 

  • Picholine

  • Kalamata

  • Santa Catarina

  • Bella Di Cidarino

  • Nocellara del Belice

  • Gringon

Walnut Trees

Our old English Walnut trees are the gentle giants of the estate. Each of the trees has been here between 30-50 years. Walnut trees have been a symbol of luck for weddings for hundreds of years and we admire the character and distinction that they add to our beautiful venue. 


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